Travel with Ideal Temperatures

Navigate the continental United States with your guide to ideal temperatures year-round. Find destinations that match your temperature preferences for an always comfortable, personalized journey.

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Adjust the temperature to your liking and we'll show you the best places to visit.Stay comfortable

  • Just look on the map and travel where the green dots are. Move away from the cold blue dots. Find areas that are not as well known.
  • Drag the date slider to see the same areas become too hot for travel in the summer. Don't travel to the red dots. Elevation is key.
  • A lot of areas may have unexpected temperatures in the fall. Avoid the blue and red dots.
  • Set the minimum and maximum daily temperatures you'd like to travel in. The dots on the map will adjust to show you where you can travel.
Mild winter temperatures

90% of RVers travel to the same destinations every year

Reservations, weather, dates... There's so much going on.


See a great new destination


Struggle to find temperatures for your dates


Go to same old place


Save hours of searching for weather conditions!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Put in your lowest and highest temperatures that you prefer to travel in. Drag the date slider above the map. The location dots will change colors depending on the expected temperature for that week in that location.

  • If the dot is blue, the location is colder than your low, if the dot is red, the location is hotter than your high. You want to be traveling in the green dot zones during the week shown at the top.

  • I tried to take a representative sample across the US. If I am missing a location, please let me know and I will add it.

  • I look back at several years of temperature data and use those as a baseline to predict the future.

  • I am collecting historical data every day for each of the locations to improve the averages.

  • Access to the full web application. Adjust your ideal temperatures and see the best route to take. Use the app whenever you want to check where to travel.
  • Yes! You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Reach out by email.

  • Cool, contact me by email